CF Moda Mag is a website founded by Corrado Firera.

Corrado Firera is a young Italian blogger, in 2017 he founded CORRADOFIRERA.COM with the aim of sharing his passions and knowledge with the people of the web. In 2022 he sells his website for several thousand euros, today his new challenge is his present website entitled CF Moda Mag, which as the name suggests, it is a magazine website based on the fashion and lifestyle.

Corrado loves traveling, fitness and fashion…

These are his words:

“I think traveling is the best way to know our world, but mostly yourself, while doing fitness means stay well with yourself, I believe each person should do it, regarding fashion from my point of view it represents one of the best tools to express ourselves to others.”

From an early age he has always been fascinated by fashion, the digital world and languages, his constant desire to know and learn has brought him to travel a lot in Italy and abroad. He graduated in finance administration and marketing, knows four languages ​​and understands almost immediately what’s his vocation. Corrado Firera is one of those few people who has knew how to combine his passions creating a job.

One of these is precisely to share the moments of his life on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and on social networks in general, for this reason he has imposed on socials with an huge number of followers.

Today he’s an italian web influencer, boasting a large number of collaborations with national and international fashion and lifestyle brands, but its first goal is to make grow this blog so that you can find a reference point on it.

His mission is to create a portal through which to help the youngest to improve their style, to provide a useful information tool for everything related to fashion, and lifestyle in general, with a special focus on men’s fashion.

For further informations regarding Corrado Firera, or the website, you can send us an email through the “contacts” section, we thank you for reading!

Good continuation!